Sometimes it really does feel like Portland has it all. Specialty bars, speciality drinks, specialty food items. So what is left for places in Maine to do to stand out amongst stiff competition? Well, in the case of Bonfire Country Bar in the Old Port, the answer is to go big. Like really, really, big.

Shared on Facebook by Bonfire Country Bar, they let the secret be known that they are now serving a massive, 148 ounce seltzer drink in an equally as preposterous large martini glass. If your eyes are wide and you're already dreaming up ways to get your hands on it, there's a couple of things you need to know.

First off, this isn't a drink you're simply going to find on the menu. Essentially, the 148oz seltzer is a "secret" menu item and in order to have to in front of your face, you'll need to give your bartender the codeword "SUPERSIZEME". The other big thing to know, and it might be a disappointment to those who can't visit Bonfire Country Bar soon, is that this colossal adult beverage is only available for a limited time. How limited? Whenever a bar hashtags "limited supply" on an intriguing drink, it's probably in your best interest to get there soon rather than later.

By the way, this gives a whole new meaning to the person who says "I think I'll only have one drink tonight".

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