One: Is that a mustache on a pumpkin? And two: Am I the only one who is completely frazzled by it? I don't scare very easily, but this thing is disturbing.

The Scarborough Maine Police Department does a good job of reminding people not to drink and drive during the holidays. Unfortunately, it's an admonition that many people need to hear, especially around times of the year when there are a lot of alcohol-fueled parties. This particular reminder comes in the form of a meme featuring a creepy-looking pumpkin with a mustache and the warning, "Don't let this Halloween turn into a nightmare. You drink. You drive. You're ours." The handcuffs replacing the "o" in the word "ours" are a nice touch.

Regardless of the creepiness factor, please heed the advice and have a designated driver in your group or take a taxi, Uber or Lyft home. Practice safe partying.

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