One of the most iconic diners in Maine is finally reopening after temporarily closing due to the coronavirus. Moody's Diner, located in the small town of Waldoboro.

Moody's began as a lunch wagon in 1927 and over the years grew into the diner locals and tourists flock to today. They're known for their delicious seafood and comfort food, friendly atmosphere, affordable menu, and of course, the legendary pies.

As of today, May 1st, they are open for curbside pickup. They will take orders over the phone at, 207-832-7785 or you can order online here.

They'll be opened Monday through Saturday, 11 to 7. Their takeout menu features all-day breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, seafood, and more. And yes, they do have pie! Don't forget Moxie to wash it all down.

So, when the hunger bug strikes, take the beautiful drive up Route One to Waldoboro and support one of Maine's favorites. As someone who grew up near Moody's and frequenting the restaurant, I can tell you, you won't regret it!

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