On the corner of Bracket Street and York Street in Portland's West End, there was once a famous tavern: Popeye's Ice House.

Their motto, "Where the Bridge Ends and the Good Times Begin," was so fitting. This was the classic neighborhood watering hole.

In it's later years it was known just as "The Ice House."

The coolest feature of that incarnation was that it had an airplane's tail sticking out of the roof!

Sadly, as the West End became more gentrified, and after a stabbing at the tavern, The Ice House closed down in 2008 after the City of Portland denied them a liquor license, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Popeye's was always rocking on St Patrick's Day, and we thought with St Paddy's a few days away, we should salute one of the greatest Portland landmarks of all time!

Want to get the vibe of Popeye's in its heyday? Check out this awesome piece by students from the Maine College of Art.


Currently, LB Kitchen is in the spot where Popeye's used to be.

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