Every Sunday our family would venture to the Maine Mall for this delicious meal. Do you recognize that bun? Can you remember the name of the restaurant? 


It's York Steakhouse! It had a strange, almost medieval door on the side and was located where Best Buy and David's Bridal are. I LOVED this place! What they don't show here is the amazingly delicious honey glazed chickens that would be circulating in the background, dripping with goodness or the plastic numbers they would put on your tray. The buttery rolls had me at hello, along with the fact that you could choose what you wanted to be put on your plate. I remember peering, just eye level over my tray at the person with the chef hat and large spoon wishing for an extra large helping of mashed potatoes.

I was thinking about 1980s stores at the mall...can you remember any? I thought of these...




Hickory Farms

Dream Machine

Lerners (NY & CO)

Chess King

Record Town

Wet Seal