We all know 19 Kids is no longer airing on TLC and now even Hulu has yanked them. But will you miss the show? Here are some other shows that ended in controversy you may have forgotten about. 

1. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo...



Let's start with "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." Between Jon and Kate Plus 8 and now 19 Kids and Counting, TLC sure seems to be the network of shows that have gone from top notch ratings to a screeching halt. But do you miss little Alana and the crew of Honey Boo Boo? Me? Not at all, having to read subtitles to understand these trashy people was a lot of work and I would much rather waste my time watching the Real Housewives fight on Bravo.


2. 19 Kids & Counting


This one is really tough for me. I actually enjoyed this show. I didn't see every episode, I didn't agree with all their views but I loved their bond and that they were trying their hardest to raise compassionate, loving people. I also found it amazing how their family worked. But after Josh Duggar admitted to molesting his sisters and other young girls, how could TLC continue the show? It's now been pulled from both TLC and Hulu. Will YOU miss it? I must admit...I will!


3. Paula Deen 


From her southern charm, delicious fried delicacies, sweet disposition and charming home to her lovely family and sweet laugh. I miss the HELL out of this show. I loved her ideas. All it takes is a racial slur to end a popular show though and that's exactly why The Food Network canceled "The Lady." Paula's beautiful home, pictured on the show is now on the market. So if you have $12.5 million, you can cook in her kitchen. Here is a link to see photos of her house. 


4. Ellen (sitcom) 



Probably one if the better reasons to have a show pulled. Being courageous! Ellen paved the way for equality, coming out in an episode that would win her awards and yet take her off the air due to family values groups. I still miss this show, I love Ellen and her antics on this show. Do you mis Ellen the sitcom? At least we get a fix seeing her on her own talk show every week day.