By now many of you have heard me talk about my daughter Ellie.  By all accounts she is a normal, happy, carefree 8 year old little girl.

She also happens to be an oddly witty and intelligent little human who is so independent that were she to secure a license tomorrow, would probably be just fine on her own.

Photo Credit: Ranin Brown

Ellie loves music, art, film, tv and live theater which makes me unbelievably happy. BUT Ellie has never wanted to be on stage or in front of the camera. And that's totally ok because I believe in allowing Ellie to do the things she loves.

I'm ok with the fact that she may not want to follow in my footsteps, but at the same time if she expresses an interest or desire in trying something I want to support her.


Photo Credit: Tadin Brown

So when she said, "Mommy I think I should direct the 'Tooth Fairy' movie" my answer was of course, "let's do it!".

Some of you might be wondering how this concept came about, so I'll tell you. The conversation went something like this:

Ellie: My tooth fell out last night, and the tooth fairy left me $5 but she forgot the tooth!

Me: [teasing her] Oh great... you got the tooth fairy fired.

Ellie: What?? [laughing] no I didn't!

Me: That poor tooth fairy got all the way back to the office and her boss was like, 'How did it go?' and the tooth fairy was all 'it's was awesome! I love this job!' and then the boss was like 'great, where's the tooth?' and the tooth fairy said '...umm.... I'll be right back!'

Ellie: [laughing]

We bantered back and forth for a while and eventually my friend Jody McColman said, "if you don't write that script, I will."

Photo Credit: Tadin Brown

Later that night after a long day of filming Ellie said:

"Mommy, I think I should direct the tooth fairy movie... only when I direct we'll have longer breaks and better snacks!"


When I shared this cute little quote with my Film Team they all agreed that Ellie should totally direct the movie. And like the wonderful people they are, they all followed through on their promise to help her (and me) make this a reality.


Film Family: a.k.a. Through the Door Productions, Brothers Brown, Wicked Moose Productions


It was overwhelming to see so many amazing people in my life come forward and donate their time and talents to help make this a reality for her. I don't think I could ever adequately thank them for all their support and efforts.


Of course, Ellie's perception of what it takes to make a movie and the reality of how long the process really is were two different things. When it came time for her Behind the Scenes interview with Kyle Bourgoin Ellie had decided directing wasn't for her:

Kyle: So Ellie what did you think of directing your first movie?

Ellie: It was really tiring...

Kyle: Do you think you'll pursue a career in filmmaking?

Ellie: No. I think i'll be a gymnast.

She also expressed an interest in working the camera.

It's important to note that I didn't decide to produce this movie for Ellie because I thought she would become the worlds youngest female filmmaker. I did it because I could, and because she expressed a desire to do it.

"I think i'd rather be behind the camera"


As I sit today looking at my little 'Ellie beans' face beaming up from the pages of a newspaper I can only imagine what the future holds for her.

And while I don't pretend to have any idea what she will grow up and choose to do with her life, I hope she knows that no matter what it is, I will be there supporting her all the way.

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**The film is currently in Post Production but we hope to announce the screening later in the summer, so stay tuned!**