Portland's favorite "scrappy little nobody" and wicked famous, incredible actor Anna Kendrick was spotted at Mami Portland's food truck tonight.  According to their social media posts, Mami's was at Thompson's Point for the Brandi Carlisle show.  Unfortunately, the show was cancelled, but they got a visit from Anna!  Delightful!

Anna has been in many films, but she can also sing!  Have you heard her lovely Soprano voice?  It's really beautiful!

Remember how huge this song was from the movie Pitch Perfect?

I remember going to a theater in Westbrook when I lived in Cape Elizabeth with my husband to see The Accountant.  The theater was not too full since we went to an afternoon showing.  We ate a whole bucket of popcorn (with butter) and really enjoyed the movie.  When the credits were rolling and as we were leaving, 3 or 4 ladies stood up, starting cheering and clapping!  One of the women turned around and said, "THAT'S OUR NIECE!  WE'RE ANNA'S FAMILY!"  How cool!

If you haven't seen The Accountant, I highly recommend it.  Check out the Trailer here:

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