Sometimes it's easy to forget just how large Maine is until you go looking for something specific. And if that specific thing you're looking for is a brunch spot where you never have to leave the comfort of your car, then gas up, because you might be in for a road trip. The good news is that such a place exists in Maine and if you're committed to eating a stack of pancakes at an old school drive-in, you can definitely there from here.

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The place is called the Hi-Hat Drive-In, and it's located in the small Maine town known as Farmingdale. Locals to the area have been visiting the Hi-Hat for years but for lots of residents in the Pine Tree state, there's a chance you've never even heard of it.

It has all the characteristics you'd expect from a classic drive-in, complete with two rows of parking where you can openly dream about what pancakes or French toast you're going to devour while visiting. While the full menu does have a little something for everyone, most people will tell you that at the Hi-Hat, it's all about the pancakes. They offer 16 different flavorings to customize your pancake order with an additional seasonal available if you pick the right time. That's a lot of different ways to enjoy a classic breakfast staple.

So where IS Farmingdale? It's located just south of Augusta right along the Kennebec river. When you're in central or southern Maine, the road trip won't be a lengthy one for this unique brunch experience.

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