As a political battle rages on over the minimum wage, a new restaurant in Portland will follow the lead of other establishments in major cities and scrap tipping all together. 

Doing business in a crowded Portland market can be expensive, especially the restaurant business. Workers are pushed by rising expenses and the unclear nature of their weekly paycheck. That's why a new restaurant called Baristas and Bites will follow the lead set by several other establishments in major cities across the U.S. and ban tipping in favor of a guaranteed wage.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Baristas and Bites will be opening in Portland's Old Port in mid-October and will offer their employees a guaranteed $15 per hour in favor of tips left by customers. Instead, the restaurant plans to add something new to customer's bills, a cost-of-living surcharge. The plan will be to add an 11.2% charge on to a customer's total bill as a way to maintain that all employees have a fair and reasonable living wage.

Baristas and Bites will be located on Portland's vibrant Fore St., and will include Love Kupcakes, the owner's notable and very popular other venture. The restaurant will offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner but also some other notable features. It plans to have a self-checkout kiosk, an app where patrons can order, as well as a rewards program for consistent customers. It's a risky venture, but one that could pay huge dividends.

Baristas and Bites will become the first restaurant in Maine to scrap tipping and the question you think it will work?