For those that don't know, Marden's Surplus and Salvage is a store that is only located in Maine (there are 14 locations).  Well, I finally went to one for the first time, and not long after entering, I realized I made a few mistakes.

My first mistake was that I had not gone shopping in there earlier. I've been in Maine for a month and never stopped at the store.

My second mistake was not grabbing a shopping cart when I entered. I guess I just wanted to take a look at what exactly was in the store, I did not know that my hands would be filled with things to buy prior to leaving.

One thing that I learned while at Marden's is that you need to go down every single aisle (sometimes twice to look at each side of the aisle) or else you may possibly miss something (some things are hiding away in boxes).

Marden's Surplus and Salvage has just about anything and everything. I'm not even joking, I could have bought a wedding dress for only $50, and they had a ton of them. They also had a ton of normal clothes and shoes as well.

Marden's seems to have everything you need for any room in your house (kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc). I saw iRobots, giant rugs, and even a teleprompter. They even had a ton of food and snacks to choose from.

The best part is that everything is pretty cheap here! I mean they had hunter boots for only $20. I got a new DVD for only $5.

Most Mainers know about Marden's and there always seems to be some amazing finds there.

It's safe to say that I walked out there with more than I thought I would get. I'm honestly disappointed that no one had told me to go there prior to my first experience.

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