I did buy it when I saw it at Marden's.

Ya gotta love Marden's. A store with everything you had no idea you needed and wanted. There are 14 Marden's in Maine but there are only really three that I frequent. The big one (with a part-time produce department!) in Scarborough I often find myself there. If you were one of the dozens of people recently in Marden's scarfing up all the snow markers - good for you! Then in the summertime, I am at the Marden's in Lincoln and Houlton. That's because those are the towns that sandwich where I have a camp.


When you are upta camp and it rains, and you are done playing games and such -it's Marden's time! Every year we play this awesome game where a bunch of us go and have 10 dollars to buy the craziest thing ever. Then we all vote on who bought the craziest, oddest, or funniest thing! It's a great way of spending an afternoon for just ten dollars.

As you look at some of the wild things purchased at Marden's, I'm wondering if anyone out there can beat these items! I'd love to hear about your 'find'. They weren't kidding when they sing, 'You should have bought it when you saw it at Marden's!'. That's because it's pretty unlikely you're gonna find that special item at any other store.

And while you're there, you might want to treat yourself to Labadie's Bakery whoopie pies. If you are a fan of whoopie pies, you'll love those!

10 Crazy, Odd and/or Funny Items From Marden's

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