Domino's Pizza in Lewiston got a call to deliver 20 large pizzas on Monday night. They were happy to do it, especially since it was a gift from our neighbors to our south.

Noah Leclair lives in Lewiston, and is a delivery driver for Domino's. When the Lewiston Domino's got a call from Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Medicine for 20 large pizzas to be delivered to Central Maine Medical Center, he was the man who made the delivery. They came with a note that read "Thinking of you all: From Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Medicine #Lewiston Strong ❤︎."

I had a conversation with Noah on Facebook, and asked him what everyone at Domino's thought when they got an order of 20 pizzas:

Well we knew about it ahead of time, so that helped, and compared to some of the large orders we do this was easy. Everyone that I spoke to really loved the fact that MGH ordered these with CMMC and the city of Lewiston in their hearts. We all thought it was a really sweet gesture, and I was glad to be able to deliver it

Was it a challenge to get 20 large pizzas to CMMC?

Not at all, I drive an SUV, so I was able to easily fit them all in the back seat. It was definitely a little heavy to do in one trip, but the large catering bags help. I had 10 pizzas in each bag, and one bag on each arm.

Noah posted the photos of the completed delivery on his Facebook page, showing all 20 large pizzas stacked high in a wheelchair.

Massachusetts has been through what Lewiston has, with incidents like the Boston Marathon bombing, so the people at Mass General know exactly what the staff at CMMC were going through.

I'm sure this simple gesture was very much appreciated, along with the kind note. It's not just Maine that's got your back Lewiston. It's all of New England and the nation.

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