Have you ever noticed that House of Pizzas tend to be Greek-owned? There's a reason for that.

Being half Greek, when I moved to Maine, I was thrilled to find so many options for Greek food! It was everywhere. My people were in every town in these places called Town House of Pizza! It seems like every city and town in Maine has a House of Pizza. Here's the breakdown of why.

NHPR did a pretty deep dive into not just pizza, but Greek pizza and House of Pizzas! First, did you know that all House of Pizzas have Greek pizza? We're not talking pizza with kalamata olives and feta cheese. No, it's the crust that makes it Greek. It's not thin enough to be a thin crust, and not thick enough to be deep dish. It's Greek! I had no idea. So, what's with the Greeks and pizza?

After WWII something like 70% of Greek immigrants were running pizzerias, most named House of Pizza.

It appears that after WWII Greek immigrants bought up pizzerias that had been opened by Italians who moved on to full-fledged restaurants or did something completely different. After WWII, something like 70% of Greek immigrants were running pizzerias, most of which were named House of Pizza. You will notice that almost every HOP has Greek menu items. Maybe some souvlaki, gyros, and of course, baklava!

Now you know why there are so many House of Pizzas, let's pick 25 of the best ones! Did your go-to make the list?

25 Best House of Pizzas in Maine

Gallery Credit: Lori Voornas

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