Living in New England, we know we're lucky to live in one of the best parts of the US.

Over the years, countless studies have directed high praise towards our region. Last year, a WalletHub study announced the best small cities in the country, and eight New England towns made the list. Our area has also been highlighted for having some of the most magical winter wonderland townshottest zip codes in Americaunderrated destinations, and more.

But let's focus on Maine for a minute. What communities in the Pine Tree State have the best downtowns?

Of course, questions concerning the "best" of anything are clearly subjective, as everyone has their own definition of what designates something as "the best." You might live in the same place you grew up in, and have a soft spot for the area as a result. Maybe to you, the best towns have larger populations and more businesses rather than being rural. Or, you may have a preference for places close to the ocean or mountains. Regardless, everyone has their own perspective on things, which makes this topic all the more interesting.

So, let's look at the 13 Maine cities with the best downtowns, according to our readers.

These 13 Maine Cities Have the Best Downtowns

Gallery Credit: Megan

Now, here's a look at some of the best downtowns in New Hampshire. Do you agree with what the locals said?

These 10 New Hampshire Cities Have the Best Downtowns

Gallery Credit: Meg

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