Food is comfort, and when you visit your favorite restaurant and eat your favorite dish, you feel at home.

Maine offers an endless amount of restaurants, local, and nationally known. We have so many talented chefs and creators within the food community.

I recently uncovered a new restaurant that makes you feel like you are traveling with each bite. It's called Wild Clover Café & Market in Waterville. Check it out!

I am sure you have your own "go-to" dish in mind that you always tell your friends about when they come to visit. It's something I do every time my family from Pennsylvania comes. We always go to L.L.Bean and Davincis Eatery for their Seafood Pomodoro. That is my favorite dish.

I wanted to compile a list of at least 15 different restaurants that serve your favorite food. This is already making me hungry.

Food feeds the soul, and when you take a bite of something that explodes all of your senses, you never forget where it was. Hell, you never forget what you were wearing, because when we experience something so good, it sticks in our memories forever.

I asked and you answered, and if you want to broaden your foodie spectrum, check out the list below of Maine restaurant meals that will satisfy all of your cravings!

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