For many years in Portland, there was a can't miss mural in the city. That was the "Greetings From Portland" mural that decorated the wall of what was then known as the Asylum nightclub. Artists often times changed the mural, bringing their own perspective and snapshots of the city to life, leaving locals and tourists amazed. When the Asylum decided to expand to become Aura, the owners wanted to ensure that artists would still have a space to express themselves and a new mural along the walls of Aura are an indication they meant what they said.

Shared on Facebook by Derek D. Staten, a stunning mural of George Floyd is displayed alongside an exterior wall of Aura. There's a vivid portrait of Floyd, with the message "Again We Rise" lettered next to him. The artists behind this tremendous art piece are Ry Ry Adams, Jason McDonald and Mike Rich.

Some of the protests in Portland have passed by Aura in recent days, and this mural is likely to serve as a reminder as to why the protests have been so loud and what the protests are trying to bring attention to. When voices are not heard, art can continue to do the talking.

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