I noticed this a couple of times this weekend and thought, 'Is this a thing I should be doing while driving?'...


So, I'm out and about in traffic this weekend. Nice weather brings out the crowds! At one point, I was tired and took the most ridiculous route to get to Maine Warrior Gym on Spring Street in Westbrook.

No, I wasn't working out - Tim, one of the owners, has been kind enough to give us his bottles and cans for Cans for a Cure this year. I went to pick them up.

But my route stuck me in serious traffic alllll the way there. That's when I noticed something..not once, not twice - but THREE times!

People turning off their car at a red light.

Wha? Is that a thing? Should I be doing that? I get the concept, cut down on idling, but now much idling can you do at a red light? (EXCEPTION: Morrill's Corner)

Do you do this? Did I happen to pull up to the 3 freaks in Maine that do this, or is this a thing?

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