As an avid dog lover, and knowing that not all dogs are cut out for the colder temperatures that are sure to be knocking on our doors soon, I felt this would be a great time to take a look at my top ten cold weather dog breeds.

Sure you can get any dog and keep it inside during the colder months but if you like to get out and play in colder weather these fluff balls, many with a wonderful insulated undercoat will make great companions for any cold weather adventures you have planned.

Top Cold Weather Dogs

10 - Labrador Retreiver

Let's face it the Lab is a the number one registered dog in the United States, thats because they are a go anywhere, do anything kind of dog. I've yet to meet a Lab that didn't want to play outside no matter the weather. You simply can't go wrong with the Labrador Retriever.
9 - German Shepherd

Shepherds love to be with their people no matter what is happening outside. Most German Shepherds are built to hang when the mercury drops low. Either out in the yard, or on a trail. Their double coat ensures they keep toasty when duty or just fun take them out when the snow flies.

8 - Akita

The Akita is perfectly matched to be outside in any weather condition that requires a sweater or better. Their coat is super think and plush with a insulating undercoat that keeps them warm when the chill is in the air. Although not the most social of dogs, they are a great only dog for many familes and love to be with their peeps.

7 - Newfoundland

Now if you have some space to share, and love to be outside when it gets cold, a Newfy will be your buddy without hesitation. Their thick long coat protects them from the elements as they were bred as a water rescue dog in...yep, you guessed it, Newfoundland where the water is a tad, uhhh, chilly.

6 - Saint Bernard

These gentle giants come in both a short smooth coat, and a long coat version, although both will enjoying being out in the frigid temperatures of winter. The longer coat version will be better prepared for the all day adventure.

5 - American Eskimo

Yes with their snow white coat it does give them the advantage at hide n seek in the snow, it's the warm undercoat with those long guard hairs that keep them toasty no matter how cold it gets outside. They are love bugs through and through, and a wonderful cold weather breed.

4 - Keeshond

Pronounced "Kay-zawn" this lively ball of fur was born to be outside in the winter. Like many of the spitz type breeds, the Keeshond has a long other coat with a very compact insulated undercoat that you could actually knit a winter sweater out of the brushings yourself. Really, you could. How's that for giving back.

3 - Chow Chow

This Chinese import not only sports a black tongue but a super thick and luxurious coat that is made to repel the elements. They can be aloof as dogs go and are certainly more of a one person type bred but if you are the type that likes to be out in the cold, these guys will gladly be by your side.

2 - Siberian Husky

Truly any Husky is bred for being out in the cold. They are built to withstand whatever mother nature throws thief way and keep on going. Formerly one other the chosen sled dog breeds, these dogs will outrun, and outlast you when it comes to being outside in winter.

1 - Alaskan Malamute

A true star when it comes to activities out in the cold, from sledding, to snow shoeing, to a game of fetch with snow balls, the Alaskan Malamute is the perfect dog for anyone seeking a playful companion when the temps hit below 0. These guys have stamina in the cold and the coat to protect them from elements. It's a win-win for winter!

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