Shawnee Peak, or as many people call it "The Mountain of Love", has been sold!

According to WMTW, the much loved mountain has been sold to a company named Boyne Resorts.

Homer Chet, who owned Shawnee Peak for nearly 30 years, announced the change in ownership on the ski area's Facebook page earlier this morning.

Apparently, he had not considered selling the property until, during a lunch with industry friends, he was approached by reps from Boyne Resorts.

Boyne Resorts also owns Sugarloaf & Sunday River in Maine and Loon Mountain in New Hampshire.

According to Wikipedia, the mountain has an elevation of 1,300 feet, 44 trails, and 4 chair lifts.  The mountain features 245 ski-able acres.  It has lights so you can ski and board at night.  As it has wide, shallow slopes, it is a great mountain to learn to ski on.

Why do people call it "The Mountain of Love"?  Next time you drive by at night, take a look at the pattern of the lights on the slope.  They appear to spell out LOVE.

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