Get ready to be scared...I mean really scared!

Farmington Fright Nights is one of those attractions that is well....worth the trip and price of admission.

Farmington Fright Nights is a premiere haunted attraction that takes place for 4 Nights Only at the Farmington Fair Grounds. October 23rd, 24th, 29th, and 30th. Gates open at 6:30pm and the attractions run from 7pm through 10pm each night. This event is open to all ages but is recommended for guests 13 and over.

What I love about this haunted attraction is, it is made up of 3 separate haunted attractions all included in the $20 general admission price.

First visit the Cabin In The Woods, if you dare, it is made up of 20 rooms of pure terror. You know what they say... What happens in those woods, stays in the woods.

If you somehow manage to find your way out, The Slaughterhouse will certainly raise every hair on your body as you are fully immersed in the art of meat processing, the only question is, what kind of meat?

Your next stop will bring you back to your worst nightmares from childhood once you enter the CarnEvil of Chaos, I hope you like clowns, just don't expect to get any balloon animals from these dark and evil outcasts of the big top.

Farmington Fright Nights is a great collaboration of The United Way of the Tri-Valley Area, Titcomb Mountain, and Loki’s Workshop.

This is truly a monster event in every sense of the word, that takes up almost the entire Farmington Fairgrounds located at 292 High Street in Farmington, Maine.

There is also a variety of vendors on site with merch, Food, and beer & hard cider for those 21 and over.

More details and tickets at, or on thier Facebook page.

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