Cans for a Cure is on for 2022! This will be our 20th year! We have raised over half a million dollars to help Mainers battling breast cancer one can at a time.

The generous people who have stopped into Oxford Casino Hotel and participated in their Give $5 Get $10 campaign have raised a lot of that money. By donating at least $5 to Cans For a Cure, Oxford Casino Hotel guests receive $10 in free slot play, and it's happening again this weekend.

Oxford Casino Hotel

Just stop by Oxford Casino Hotel on Sunday, January 16 through Monday, January 17. Go up to the cashier and say you'd like to donate to the Give $5 Get $10. Your donation will go directly to Cans For a Cure which then goes to the Maine Cancer Foundation. Plus, you'll have $10 in free slot play. That's a win for everyone!

Oxford Casino
Oxford Casino

You could also make a super long weekend of it. There's plenty of cash to win! On Friday, January 14, it's Oxford Casino Hotel's High Five Friday where the jackpot is now at $23,00, and on Saturday, $26,800 is up for grabs with the Super Six Saturday. Oxford Casino is also doing a 20X Slot Point multiplier on Saturday ONLY from 10am - Noon and again 8pm - 10pm. For every slot point you earn, Oxford Casino adds 19 bonus points!

Cans For a Cure returns next October, so head on up to Oxford Casino Hotel for some wicked good fun and Give $5 Get $10 to help the Maine Cancer Foundation fight cancer in Maine.

Persons under 21 years of age may not enter the restaurants or gaming area unless licensed as employees. Gambling problem? In Maine, call 2-1-1 for help.

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