Not real dinosaurs... the inflatable kind. The internet was taken by storm a couple years back by people who were dressing like an inflatable T. Rex and filming themselves in different situations -- everything from running down the beach to surprising their significant other at a wedding. You can fall deep down an internet rabbit hole watching those videos.

YouTube via WJBQ
YouTube via WJBQ

So if there's that many inflatable Tyrannosaurus costumes out there and that many people willing to wear them, why not have a huge gathering? According to Maine Today, that's exactly what will happen this Saturday at 3 p.m. at Monument Square in downtown Portland. Organizers of the event are hoping to draw a crowd, with perhaps more than 100 people dressed up as a T. Rex. That would make for quite the spectacle.

The idea doesn't stem from some hope to break a world record or anything like that. Instead, the organizers hope that people will just get a good laugh or smile out of seeing some inflatable Tyrannosauruses bouncing around. They've also got good weather on their side, as the forecast for Saturday promises sunshine and temperatures in the mid-40's.

Let's call it a little time travel on one Saturday afternoon in January.

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