As the global pandemic continues to take lives, its economic impact continues to take businesses as well. That includes one of the most notable places in southern Maine for birthday parties, play dates and family gatherings. Joker's in Westbrook is permanently closing.

Shared on Twitter by Lee Goldberg, after more than 27 years in business, the family-friendly destination can no longer survive in a marketplace where large gatherings of people may not be happening for quite some time. The closure will be a blow to longtime fans of the recreational space.

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Joker's has spent the last few years in Westbrook, in a mini-mall shared by several other businesses. It's an unfortunate time to close for Joker's, as they would have had a prime location right across the street from the new Rock Row complex set to open in the next few weeks. Joker's was previously located on Warren Avenue in Portland but downsized as economic times got tougher.

Joker's has stuck around for more than two decades by battling off other obstacles. That includes copycat businesses and even a Chuck E. Cheese franchise in South Portland. But with caps on large gatherings and extra precautions that need to be met in order to operate fully, the financial margins likely cost Joker's a chance to stay open for another 25 years.

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