Off the coast of Maine, there's more than just sparkling blue ocean. There's more than 3,000 islands, and for many years, those islands provided refuge for weary sea travelers. Several of the islands have incredible stories to tell, including Outer Heron Island, which is believed to house an ancient treasure buried deep within a sea cave.

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According to CNY Artifact Recovery, Outer Heron Island, which is located a few miles off the coast of Boothbay Harbor was the destination for two young explorers from New York back in the year 1900. The two young explorers had come into possession of a treasure map and believed they knew the exact spot to find riches left behind by long-deceased pirates. The explorers dug a 30 foot hole at the highest point of the island near an old spruce tree and while they did find something, it was not the plentiful gold they had hoped. They gave up their pursuit and it seemed that the treasure may be just some foolish fable.

But according to author Marcus LiBrizzi in an excerpt from his book Haunted Islands in the Gulf of Maine, the treasure on Outer Heron Island is believed to be buried deep within one of the sea caves on the island rather than by a spruce tree. One historian believes the buried treasure is of Aztec origin and has a spiritual element to it. The sea cave in which it is believed to be buried is fit with unique wall markings and many treasure hunters have recounted feeling as though they are being watched while searching for the booty. Could it be the spirit of whomever was buried in the unmarked, lost grave on the island? Perhaps.

Today, Outer Heron Island sits uninhabited as a designated bird sanctuary. But somewhere in the hollows of the remote Maine island, there lays a treasure. Maybe a treasure that's never meant to be found.

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