It's a natural feeling to sit back and reflect at the end of the year. Even if wrapped up in holiday madness, there always seems to be time to reminisce. This is strikingly true when it comes to the annual food Odessey here in this great state.

It's fun to get wrapped up spending massive amounts of time discussing and dissecting every little aspect about Maine's restaurant scene. Quite frankly, it deserves it. Whether it's the busy southern coast, western foothills, Midcoast, or Bar Harbor, it doesn't matter, because you will find excellent food.

The last few decades have seen serious growth in Maine's restaurant industry, especially in Portland. Maine's largest city has been recognized nationally as a significant foodie town. Numerous publications and travel sites have been gushing over Portland for some time. It even got a visit from the Netflix series, "Somebody Feed Phil" in 2022.

With all this incredible publicity and popularity, it's no surprise that Portland always seems to have new restaurants opening. It would be no different in 2022, as many new establishments opened to the locals and tourists.

This year's class of restaurants is a fun and diverse group. There are numerous cultures represented. These include restaurants highlighting food from the Balkans and even Turkey.

These new establishments also vary greatly in concept, size, and price point. However, this is what truly makes Portland like any other major city. The choices we have in such a small town is quite frankly incredible. And 2022's class fits right in.

Below is a list of many of Portland's newest establishments. How many have you been to? How many are you looking forward to checking out in 2023?

Portland Maine Restaurants That Opened in 2022

Here is a list of the restaurants and cafes that opened in Maine's largest city in 2022. How many have you been to?

13 Portland Restaurants that Closed in 2022

Below is a list of 13 restaurants that closed in 2022. They will be missed.

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