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From all-pro on the field for the New England Patriots to superstar for Nickelodeon on television? That could happen for Rob Gronkowski in the very near future. According to ESPN, Gronk will host a new show called "Crashletes" where he will introduce popular internet clips pertaining to sports and are generally family friendly.

If you're still a little cloudy on the premise of the show, think MTV's "Ridiculousness" or at a more extreme level, Comedy Central's "Tosh.O". Nickelodeon added that Gronkowski will be joined by a various array of celebrities as they introduce internet clips as well as give their commentary. Nickelodeon is currently trying to produce more live action shows, rather than cartoons, in hopes of boosting ratings.

Is anyone else looking forward to the first time Patriots head coach Beill Belichick is asked by the media what he thinks about Gronk's new TV show?

"I don't watch TV".