This house, which still stands in a quiet central New Hampshire town, belonged to one of the country's worst serial killers.

Herman Webster Mudgett was born in Gilmanton, NH, in 1861 and lived in this house on Province Road, right across the street from Gilmanton Academy where he attended school. Later known as H. H. Holmes, this mad man is widely known as the first documented serial killer in America.

The history behind Holmes is scary, yet fascinating. He is not known to have killed anyone in New Hampshire, and started his murdering ways after moving to Chicago in his twenties.

Ever heard of the "Murder Castle?" It was a three story building in Chicago Holmes owned and operated. Apparently, this is where he did most of his work. It was advertised as a hotel, but as some would call it, a "death factory."

Holmes only confessed to 27 murders, but investigators assume that number could be in the hundreds based on witness accounts during his trial, and missing persons reports made during his reign of terror.

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