It takes a very strong person, and family, to foster dogs. They help the dog to heal, in a safe environment, and get them ready for adoption. This is an amazing, selfless act, period. There is no money to be made in fostering animals. It is hard work, and can touch your heart in so many ways. People that foster do it out of the goodness of their hearts, to help another living thing, get a happy ending.

In the South, dogs are not treated the same has dogs are here in New England. Growing up in Tennessee, it was normal to see dogs outside all day;either tied up, or roaming the property. Dogs go missing, and they end up in shelters. Dogs are often dropped off by the owners at shelters as well. Most often, it's a 'kill shelter' where dogs are put down if they are not adopted within a certain amount of days, due to overcrowding.

Channel 13 aired a story about a group of people fight to get these poor pups out of the 'kill shelters' in time, before being put down. The rescue is called 'Underhound Railroad'.  They fight to rescue 3-4 dogs every other week, and have them driven up to Maine from Georgia. Watch this touching moment, when the 'Midnight Truck from Georgia' arrives with rescued pups, ready to be saved.


If you are interested in getting involved, and be a foster to these pups, visit

I am an advocate for doggie adoption, and with 'Peak for Pups'; I work to raise money and awareness to shelters in Maine. Join us for our next event April, 14 2016 at Oxford Casino. And, thank you.