Good news for fans of the sweet treat, according to a new study!

Not only is chocolate delicious, we've also heard that there are some health benefits to eating it. And a new study shows that it's actually really good for your brain!

In a new study published in the journal Appetite, almost 1,000 people between 23 and 98 years old were analyzed, and it concluded that eating chocolate on a regular basis correlates to better cognitive brain function — including stronger working memory, spatial organization, and reasoning skills among other improved performances.

More highlights from the study:

•Chocolate has been used since ancient times to treat many health complaints.
•The impact of chocolate on cognitive function is not well understood.
•Chocolate intake was positively associated with cognitive performance.
•Mechanisms may involve the action of cocoa flavanols and methylxanthines in chocolate.

Get all of the details here, and enjoy a guilt free chocolate bar today!