The Masters Golf Tournament starts today in beautiful Augusta Georgia. Here's a lil different look at it from my pal Matty Blake.

One of my favorite weeks of the year. The Masters begins today and runs through Sunday. I always wanted to win my way to Augusta National. That dream ended in about 1997-98. That's when I got into radio. I worked at Star 93.7 Boston. (Teddy McKay on Star 937) That's where I met Matty. We worked on the "Wilde Thing Morning Show" w/ our pals Heather and Charlie. Matty helped me make my first demo tape. I will never forget that. Matty has since gone on to be an up & coming actor, writer, director and tour player. Trust me, you've seen him. He's been on The Daily Show, 30 Rock and he got to touch Steve Buscemi in Boardwalk Empire. He may actually make our show someday. He's got a new gig w/ NBC/Golf Channel "Golf Detective". Pls check out his GREAT new website: Matty Blake Actor, Writer, Director

Check out Matty's Masters video:

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