Hero Cat, or what I like to call her "Super Cat" who became famous for saving a California boy from a dog attack, threw the first pitch Tuesday night at a minor-league baseball game -- or at least she tried.

Super Cat does it again. Well, not really. Just the fact that you could take this lil hero in front of all these people without it freeking is impressive. Tara (her real name) might have been nervous, so her owner, Roger Triantafilo, helped the cat throw the pitch as he held her. Four-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo, wearing a Bakersfield Blaze cap, threw the game's actual ceremonial first pitch:


Tara, was captured on security camera on May 13 when she pounced on a dog that attacked Jemery. The video, which has garnered 21 million views on YouTube, shows the dog biting and attempting to drag the boy. Within seconds, Tara leaps out and chases the canine away.



As bad as Super Cat was throwing the pitch and I can believe I just said that. It was still better than Mariah Carey' legendary attempt.

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