It seems like new cook books come every week like a baker's dozen.  There's an awesome new book called Cooking With Fire by New Englander Paula Marcoux that will get you excited to try some different cooking in an old way.

Not only is Cooking With Fire a beautiful book filled with exceptional photos, but you'll discover a wide range of recipes for foods cooked old school on an open fire. Paula's book covers shellfish, breads, meats, scones and even pizza.  I wouldn't consider myself a foodie, but the history lover in me finds this book irresistible. You can sense the author's passion for food and cooking history. Paula is a food historian who has worked professionally as an archaeologist, cook and bread-oven builder. Her decades of work in these fields has added to the depth of this book. This is not a grilling book. This is a thoroughly useful book that will get you excited about various types of open flame cooking.

She has some planned adventures in Maine this summer where you can meet and learn more from her. I had the chance to interview Paula. You can listen here.