When someone hears that I am from New England, their first question is always “Did you pahk your cah in hahvahd yahd?”

There is so much more to New England than the possibility of having a Boston accent.

New England is made up of 6 beautiful states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Like many states, each state that makes up New England has its own stereotypes and culture.

Outsiders view Maine as a place to wear flannels and go fishing. Some may even think that you are out of the country and live in Canada.

If you live in New Hampshire, people probably think that you really love your state's motto "live free or die" and that is how you choose to live.

The first thing that people will assume if you are from Massachusetts is that...well... you live in Boston right? Don't forget... Oh, have you met the Wahlbergs?

Granted technology has recently been showing off the “types” of individuals that are in New England (yes, I am talking about TikTok). There is so much more that could be said.

If you have watched some New England-themed TikToks or are a New Englander, then you’ve probably heard of Holy Donut.

Holy Donut has three locations in Maine, and is not your normal doughnut place.

What makes Holy Donut different?

Well, their doughnuts are actually made with potatoes (and yes they also have sweet potato ones)!

Besides being delicious, these doughnuts can tell you a lot about New England and not just their stereotypes.

So where will you live based on your doughnut choice?

And don't forget, there's a bunch of great doughnut places in Maine. Maybe you're just more of a fan of some classic Dunkin', or perhaps you'd rather eat some Frosty's, or could go for some Tony's or HiFi.

In the end, who doesn't love eating great doughnuts and living in New England?

Your Holy Donut Order Decides Where In New England You Should Live

There are so many stereotypes surrounding individuals that live in New England, which is home to many amazing places, people and scenic views. If you were to move to New England based on your doughnut choices from this classic Maine spot, where would you end up? 

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