Hannaford To-Go

One of the greatest inventions in recent years (in my humble opinion) is grocery pick-up services.

It's so easy, you just go online, do your shopping, and boom! A few hours later all you have to do is pop your trunk and you're on your way. Saving not only time during your busy day, but it also saves money on those impulse buys as well.

Bag Ban

This week the state of Maine implemented a ban on one-time-use plastic bags. Shoppers now have to bring in their own reusable bags or pay 5¢ per paper bag in-store. So, what does one do using Hannaford To-Go?


Pay Up

To-Go isn't going to run and grab your bags and run back out so, just like in-store, customers will be subject to the 5¢ per bag fee according to WGME. Hannaford does say that they will make sure those bagging those orders will be trained to use bags efficiently so that customers aren't overpaying for excessive bags.

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