This week on the HOM Morning Show, Nikki revealed that she had a dream about AJ's girlfriend Kathleen. In her dream, Kathleen had to go all the way back to Florida (where she had been vacationing) because she forgot her special phone charger. It was so special, that it was the only one that could charge her phone.

Nikki thinks this was a rather simple dream, with no underlying meaning. She says that she had a dream about Kathleen simply because we had been talking about her at dinner the night before.

However, I believe that there may be an additional layer of meaning... as there usually is with dreams. So, I did a little research. According to,

To dream of a cellphone charger represents feelings about wishing to ensure the continuation of psychological closeness


So based on that, here's my conclusion: Nikki's dream means that she hopes that Kathleen and I continue with our relationship for a long period of time. That's what the cellphone charger in her dream represented.

Thanks Nikki, I hope so too!

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