When love goes wrong, it can be a bad scene. Just ask a man from Norway whose girlfriend started destroying cars when he asked her to leave.

According to the Sun Journal, 53-year-old Connie Scott of Norway was asked by her boyfriend to leave several times. She didn't like that very much, so she drove into two vehicles in the driveway, pushed one through the garage door, threw rocks through windows, slashed tires, and scraped the sides of the cars with a metal rake.

According to the Norway Police report, at one point, the boyfriend was so scared for his life that he had to spray PB Blaster in her face. In case you aren't familiar with PB Blaster, it's a lubricant in a spray can, similar to WD-40.

Of course, she's been arrested for criminal mischief and can no longer see her boyfriend. We're guessing he's probably okay with that.

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