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Instagram via superstarml

There's a lot of tradition rooted in the Lewiston/Auburn area and that includes when it's time for dinner. Several eateries, restaurants and dessert shops have been around for decades and have left generations of Lewiston/Auburn natives as lifelong customers OR missing the foods they grew up on if they've moved away. There are definitely more than just six, but here are the ones we think are essential...

An Italian At Sam's

Once you venture south past Freeport in Maine, Sam's Italian Foods becomes a distant memory. But if you grew up in L/A, going to Sam's for an Italian sandwich can sometimes be a weekly occurrence. And believe us, there's nothing like the bread Sam's uses for their Italian sandwiches, NOTHING.

Red Hot Dogs at Simones'

A truly unique place in Lewiston is Simones' Hot Dog Stand. Why? Well, how many other hot dog stands have been around for more than a century? And, there's just nothing like a red snapper with a steamed bun and all the fixings from Simones'. It's easy on the wallet and perfect for a quick lunch. We'd bet it'll be around for another 100 years too.

A Frosty Root Beer At Val's Drive-In

Val's Drive-In is only seasonal, but a true throwback to the days of car-side service. Val's isn't a culinary masterpiece, but for lifelong L/A residents, it's become a rite of passage to roll up to Val's, order a nice peppery burger with a side on onion rings and one of those big, frosty glasses of root beer. Perfect for when you want to sit in your car and listen to the Red Sox on the radio.

Fergie At Luiggi's Pizzeria

One of the truly secret sandwiches that exists for locals of Lewiston/Auburn is the Fergie at Luiggi's Pizzeria. It's a ham sandwich, with a ton of other goodies on it, slathered with mayonnaise and served between two slices of crusty Italian bread. If you've spent your entire life in Lewiston and haven't ever tried a Fergie, people may ask you to move out of town.

Hand Cut Fries At Roy's All Steak Hamburgers

Make no mis-steak, the hamburgers at Roy's are absolutely delicious. Served slider-style on super soft buns, Roy's has been a L/A tradition for decades. But it's their hand cut fries that truly sets them apart from anywhere else. If you visit their location on Washington St, you'll almost always catch someone crushing potatoes and making you those deliciously golden fries fresh. Our mouth is watering right now.

Soft Serve At The Dairy Joy

During the warmest evenings, you'll find a line that extends almost to the street that Lewiston's favorite soft serve joint, The Dairy Joy. It's been around since 1940, which means multiple generations of L/A people have enjoyed a sugar cone topped with delicious vanilla soft serve and rainbow sprinkles. Or whatever else you're craving. If it's summer in Lewiston, people are gathering at The Dairy Joy.

As we said at the top, there's undoubtedly more foods for those that have called or still call Lewiston/Auburn home that could be included. But to us, these are essential. Let us know what we forgot on our Facebook page!

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