This is the first thing I do when I walk into a hotel room, no matter how nice the place is...

I put my luggage in the bathroom which usually has tile flooring. Then, I pull the blankets and sheets off the bed and very carefully check for bed bugs. I look for droppings and or blood stains, especially in the corners of the mattress. Once I've determined that it's safe, I bring my luggage into the room and prop it on a luggage stand or a desk chair. I usually hang up my pants, shirts and dresses, and leave everything else in the suitcase.

Even after checking for bed bugs, I still will not put any of my clothes on the bed or armchair/sofa just in case there are other kinds of insects lurking about, such as spiders or weevils. (Is your skin crawling yet?)

Listen to find out why it is important to check the bed in your hotel room:

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