After long and depressing winters, the people that call Maine home generally like to spend the rest of their seasons playing outside. Whether it's trips to the beach, fishing or hiking or even spending some quiet time camping in the woods, Mainers want to make the most of our warmest months. Mosquitos have always served as a pest to all of those outdoor activities but if one doctor in Boston has his way, that pestering may become a thing of the past.

According to WMTW, Dr. Abraar Karan has invented something he calls hour 72 plus repellant. Dr. Karan claims that his repellant only needs to be applied once over the course of three days and has had a 100 percent no-bite success rate in trials so far. Unlike repellants that have been on the market for decades, Dr. Karan's has an additional adhesive that makes sure the repellant sticks and it doesn't wash off with water. Instead,  it will shed naturally along with your skin.

So where can you buy this amazing new product? Nowhere...yet. Dr. Karan and his business associates hope to have it ready for mass production in 2019 and in the meantime are raising more funds to test this product against another dangerous pest, ticks. Stay tuned for the results on that.

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