Have you ever driven by a piece of land and just visualized something being absolutely perfect for it? That would seem to be the case for a piece of vacant land that sits on the Westbrook/Portland line along Riverside Street. For decades, it was home to a gas station, who's monster sign was clearly visible from the Maine Turnpike. But that gas station is long gone, and the land has been sitting dormant for years now waiting for the perfect project to come along. Start connecting the dots in your mind and there's one place that'll jump out at you.

Google Maps
Google Maps

That would be a Sonic Drive-In restaurant. Maine doesn't currently have a Sonic, despite the fact that local television stations have been playing commercials for the chain for the last 5+ years. In fact, the closest Sonic is along Route 1 in Peabody, Massachusetts. So why is this location the perfect one for Sonic?

Part of the answer is location. Almost all Sonic Drive-Ins across the country are located along busy interstates or routes. The Maine Turnpike and Riverside Street would certainly fit the bill there. Most Sonic Drive-Ins also feature multiple points of entry and exit for customer ease. This location could make that work with the nearby Shaw's/Kohl's plaza. Lastly, several Sonic Drive-Ins are located near significant points of interest. While Rock Row isn't quite there yet, it will be in the coming years. So you can check that box as well.

So if there's an imaginative business owner out there, take this million dollar idea and run it. Some things just seem to fit too perfectly.

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