If you've been listening to the HOM Morning Show this week, you've probably heard us talking about our own version of "The Masked Singer," the TV show that has taken America by storm. All week, we played clips of this local celebrity's recordings. Well this morning, we finally revealed his identity, as he joined us live in the studio. The HOM Morning Show's Masked Singer is...

WMTW's David Charns!


You hear him give news updates on the show each morning, and you see him anchor the WMTW news on TV each morning. But did you know that David is also a singer? We played several of his recordings this week, and they're really good! But did you guess it was David? We had lots of people call in to guess...most got it wrong, but a few people did guess that it was him. Listen to the big reveal that happened on the air this morning below!

AJ Dukette