For the first time since moving to Maine, I finally had a visitor. It is not the first time that someone has come to see me, rather it was the first time someone in my family agreed to come up into my apartment.

You may be wondering as to why my family would not come to see my new place, well, that is because not long after moving in I have been talking about strange things going on in my apartment. By strange, I mean something that my boyfriend and I believe to be supernatural.

What started off as small events (cameras catching orbs) had taken a turn, and things became more active in my apartment to where I believed that the "ghost" was trying to tell my boyfriend and me something.

One thing to note is that both our bathroom fans turn on randomly throughout the day (and night). To turn the fans on, you need to press a button, which we obviously do not touch unless showering. When the fans do randomly turn on, it is sporadic and usually a good amount of time apart.

Is this electrical or a spirit? Honestly, I am not sure, but with everything else that has been going on it is safe to assume that it is something supernatural.

Anyways, back to the visitor situation. Finally, someone came up to my apartment (which is newly built and had not been lived in prior to us moving in), and right when we all walked into the apartment both bathroom fans were going (we had been out to brunch that morning).

Of course, I did not think much of it as it has become a normal occurrence. I walked to each bathroom and shut off the fan and continued to give a tour of the new place.

I walked down the hall, continuing the tour before turning back around to use the bathroom myself. It had not even been 5 minutes and both bathroom fans were back on (they usually do not both turn on at the same time), making this the shortest amount of time to pass before one of them turned on again.

My guess was that whatever is hanging around our apartment did not like the company, but I did not expect it to turn into more.

We were all sitting out on the porch when I decided to go in and get something to drink. I walked into the kitchen only to find one of the cabinets open. I know what you are thinking, no, they were all closed while we were on the porch.

Will this be the last time that we have a visitor? I'm not sure, but the apartment definitely seems to be more active when we do.

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