Are you someone that takes everything as a sign? I did not think that I was, however, my apartment in Maine is starting to make me think otherwise. Not necessarily that there is something that I need to do, but more so that there is something that is needed to be told.

Do I have all the information on what exactly needs to be told? No, I do not, but it seems that there is definitely someone or something else in my apartment other than my boyfriend and me.

Imagine things going bump in the night, it would make anyone wonder, what was that. Well, what would you do if you have seen things that you are unable to explain? That is exactly what I have been dealing with since I moved to Maine, and the unexplained keeps intensifying.

A Spooky Backstory

Not long after I moved into my Maine apartment (which is brand new and had not been lived in prior to me moving in), strange things started to happen. No, not anything too crazy at first. Here is the short version of some of the things that have happened.

It all started off with what looked like orbs appearing in the cameras of my home (mostly in the kitchen). It later progressed to things happening in the bathrooms. Doors would close and lock without anyone being near the door, bathroom fans would randomly turn on, and the dryer door was wide open one day.

My boyfriend has also claimed that he has heard a voice speaking to him, however, did not hear anything (and no, the TV was off and there was nothing else on that would have made a sound).

Recently, while in the living room, my boyfriend and I heard a big bang. I refused to go investigate, but he chose to look. A metal cup in the office (which is 2 rooms away) had fallen on the ground. We had not been in that room recently, the windows were shut, and the fan was not on. How did that heavy cup fall?

A Tech Savvy Spirit

Granted my boyfriend nor I have looked into any of the so-called orbs that we have caught on the camera, we honestly believe that there is someone or something else here. For a while (after this started) our main camera, facing the front door, has had an issue with the SD card and refuses to read any SD card that we put in (even a factory reset doesn't resolve this problem).

It seems that whatever this is, is more tech-savvy than we originally assumed. Just the other day, my boyfriend and I were playing a game on the living room floor, the TV was paused on "Bob's Burgers The Movie," our phones were face down on the floor, and the house was quiet. However, the silence did not last long.

Out of nowhere, my phone started playing a song that I have never heard before. The song was called "Bullet to Binary (Pt. Two)" by mewithoutYou. As if that was not weird enough, I looked up at the TV, which should have been paused on our movie, and it had changed to Only Murders in the Building.

"Bullet" and "Murder," I don't know about you, but that is enough to weird me out a bit. Is something trying to be said about where we live or worse is it a warning?

I do not know if our apartment is haunted, I have not had anyone come to take a look to find out. However, I do believe that there is some sort of presence here that keeps making themselves known.

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