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There's a unique scenic rail ride in Concord, New Hampshire that isn't powered by a large locomotive, but instead is powered by your own two feet.

Scenic Railriders is in its second year of operation and went into business after several years of planning by owner Gary Leblanc and his family.

You may have seen old fashioned pump carts where two people stood on a platform and took turns pushing down on a handle to make the car move over the rails. The same general principal remains in Leblanc's rail-bike design.

These bikes are made of a steel frame with two or four seats, each with their own set of pedals. Riders pedal together to move the bike over the rails. Pedaling is relatively easy, but once in a while you'll start to feel the need to pedal a little harder. Your eyes will be playing tricks on you as it looks like you're travelling level, but are actually going up a small incline. Certainly not anything that two riders working as team can't handle.

No need to worry about any trains on this line, since they were abandoned by the former Boston and Maine railroad in 1990.

Take a look at the pictures we took on our ride and then plan your own. You'll want to make sure you book in advance as they usually sell out every weekend.

Scenic RailRiders in Concord, NH

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