Over the past few months, there have been plenty of shortages when it comes to items we've grown used to seeing as plentiful in stores. Most notably, the toilet paper shortage of 2020 with live in infamy. But even as the dust settles and the stockpile once again grows, there's one particular item that still seems to be in short supply all across Maine and people want to know, where is all the Moxie soda?

Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast took to Facebook to answer that very question. First off, Moxie soda hasn't been discontinued and will still be featured in stores all across the United States. Instead, Coca-Cola made an executive decision to limit the production of some of its products, and Moxie was one of them. So other varieties of Coca-Cola itself were also limited along with along with brands like Surge as well.

Reddit via TheBlandBrigand
Reddit via TheBlandBrigand

Limiting production does not mean any of these brands are going away permanently, but it does mean you may have to be patient to see some of your favorite beverages fully stocked in stores again and that definitely includes Moxie.

So take a deep breath Moxie-lovers, all will be ok. While 2020 hasn't been kind to Moxie (first the Moxie Festival and now this!), the most unique soda brand on Earth will return stronger than ever soon enough.

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