Market Basket Corn Recall
Some of Market Basket’s frozen cut corn is part of a national recall, due to possible listeria contamination.
Upta Camp, Cooler Corn! [VIDEO]
It was a wonderful weekend upta' camp! Last time we were away the family made up 'smores pancakes, this visit it was cooler corn! Here's how!
While we waited for the corn to cook Sabelle learned how to drive Uncle Billy's boat.
Portland Farmer’s Market Awesomeness! [VIDEO]
On Wednesday I went to the Portland Farmer's Market on Monument Square. My mission was to find a local food that I had never cooked with before. Success! My curiosity drew me to Jan Gorenson, who had some amazing organic salad filled with edible flowers, and some old fashioned popping corn on t…
The Zen of Shucking
Are you serious? Who knew shucking could be so easy! You'll never shuck the same again. Oh and this little old man is adorable and clearly has a wealth of knowledge in the shucking department.