Despite what yesterday's scorching heat may have you thinking, we're about to be in full Fall swing here in Maine. We couldn't be more excited about it - fall foliage, hot chocolate, pumpkin carving, HALLOWEEN - need we say more? Nope? Good.

One more staple of fall in New England that we're already getting a hankering for is the time-old tradition of getting lost in a corn field. Why? BECAUSE IT'S FUN, THAT'S WHY! So, to help you get your corn-mazing on in the next couple months, here are 3 spots where you can ditch your significant other around a corner and cackle as they yell angrily for you to come back and find them.

ZACH'S CORN MAZE: 7 Colby Turner Rd, York
Starting with the southern-most maze on our list, Zach's Farm has been around since 1977, and is well-renowned for their take on a tasty labyrinth. Called "The Great Corn Maze," Zach's takes up a whopping 17 acres... Good luck getting out of there!

PINELAND FARMS: 15 Farm View Dr, New Gloucester
Nestled in the heart of New Gloucester, Pineland Farms is a spot frequented by those in the Portland area. As you can see by the picture at the top of the article, their corn maze looks prepped and ready to go. It's bundled in with their $5 Farm Visitor pass, so you can go and check out everything else Pineland has to offer at no extra charge.

PUMPKIN VALLEY FARM: 100 Union Falls Rd, Dayton
Opening for the season on on September 23rd, Pumpkin Valley Farm's 6-acre maze may be a nice alternative to the aforementioned 17-acre behemoth. Pumpkin Valley has incorporated some awesome designs into their mazes, like 2015's haunted house themed maze and last year's tribute to K-9 heroes, both of which can be checked out on their website.

SANDY RIVER FARMS: 560 Farmington Falls Rd, Farmington
The northernmost entry on our list, Sandy River Farms offers a nice mid-point between our two previous entries. The cleverly titled "Maize" offers a 10-acre maze open during weekends for the month of October. Sandy River Farms has partnered with the Good Shepherd Food Bank this year as well, so a portion of your entry fee will also go to help a good cause.

So, there are our picks for some good old fashioned fall fun! Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.

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