When it comes to crimes like this, typically you won't see it done in broad daylight. That wasn't the case on Tuesday afternoon in Portland, when Dirigo Wholesale took to social media to ask for help, after their food delivery van was stolen in broad daylight while they were making deliveries.

One of the owners of Dirigo Wholesale detailed the story, stating that she was unloading a delivery in the Bayside/Parkside neighborhood of Portland as she has done many other times. After dropping off that delivery, she returned to find that her delivery van was gone. She was beyond stunned considering how busy the area was and is desperate for any help in finding the van.

As stated in the Dirigo Wholesale post above, the van is a 2013 Ford Transit with several very identifiable food service stickers on the back of the vehicle. If you witnessed anything or have any information that could help retrieve the van, please contact the Portland Police Department.

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