There have been several bills presented to the House in Augusta lately, some of which involve giving people raises. Not many people were thrilled at the idea of politicians giving themselves a raise, which was recently proposed...but how about a raise for teachers? According to WGME, Senator Rebecca Millett of Cape Elizabeth is presenting a bill that would raise certified K-12 teacher pay from $30,000 to $40,000 beginning next year. This is her third attempt at passing this bill in four years, but it looks like it might actually happen this time. Both the House and Senate support the bill, so now they just need to do an official vote. Then it would need to go to Gov. Janet Mills for approval. I think it's shocking how low teacher pay is, and I really do believe that they deserve to have their salaries increased. After all, these are the people who are educating our children! If we can't pay them competitive wages, many of the good ones will eventually leave the field for more lucrative careers. Can you blame them?

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